Example Reports generated by Meta Forensics

These are full site audit reports that have been run against popular websites for you to evaluate.

chiquita.com C Pages in audit = 959

Screenshot of chiquita.com

gov.uk C Pages in audit = 1055

Screenshot of gov.uk

oceansrattanfurniture.com B Pages in audit = 436

Screenshot of oceansrattanfurniture.com

vervesearch.com D Pages in audit = 1049

Screenshot of vervesearch.com

accessibilityguides.org C Pages in audit = 27

Screenshot of accessibilityguides.org

business.jersey.com B Pages in audit = 90

Screenshot of business.jersey.com

engerati.com C Pages in audit = 36190

Screenshot of engerati.com

stevenagefc.com D Pages in audit = 371

Screenshot of stevenagefc.com

clarionevents.com C Pages in audit = 210

Screenshot of clarionevents.com

fca.org.uk D Pages in audit = 10035

Screenshot of fca.org.uk

countryside.co.uk C Pages in audit = 2758

Screenshot of countryside.co.uk

hertfordhouse.co.uk B Pages in audit = 22

Screenshot of hertfordhouse.co.uk

jersey.com C Pages in audit = 1734

Screenshot of jersey.com

visitbritain.com C Pages in audit = 1717

Screenshot of visitbritain.com